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1004: mtDNA neuromuscular mutation panel

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Test Code Test Name Turnaround Blood Sample Tissue Sample CPT Codes 2015 CPT Codes 2013
1004 mtDNA neuromuscular mutation panel 3 weeks $720.00 $820.00 81403 81479
MERRF and MELAS: mtDNA positions 583 G>A, 3243 A>G, 3256 C>T, 3271 T>C, 3291 T>C, 3697 G>A, 4332 G>A, 8344 A>G, 8356 T>C, 8363 G>A, 12147 G>A, 13513 G>A, and 13514 A>G

Selecting the Appropriate Sample Type

Post-mitotic tissues confer a higher detection rate for mitochondrial DNA mutations than blood samples. Muscle or tissue samples are, therefore, strongly preferred for the majority of mitochondrial DNA assays. If a tissue sample is not available, please send a tube of blood and a urine sample for A3243G testing.

About Mitochondrial Disorders

For more information about mitochondrial disorders, please visit the mitochondrial disease overview profile on Genetests.

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