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6001: Nonsyndromic Sensory Neural Hearing Loss - Comprehensive Panel

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Test Code Test Name Turnaround Blood Sample Tissue Sample CPT Codes 2015 CPT Codes 2013
6001 Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss 4 weeks $1,600.00 $1,700.00 81252, 81254, 81404, 81403x2 81252, 81254, 81479, 81403x2
GJB2, GJB6 deletion, Pendred Target Mutation Analysis, and 12s rRNA & tRNAser sequencing

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About Nonsyndromic Sensory Neural Hearing Loss

The Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss Panel is designed to detect common mutations associated with this condition, which is generally not associated with any other signs or symptoms. In contrast, syndromic hearing loss may involve other organs or symptoms. Nonsyndromic hearing loss is generally inherited in an autosomal recessive manner or through maternal inheritance. Connexin 26 and Connexin 30 mutations are the most common genetic causes of this condition. Among mutations associated with Pendred syndrome, of which hearing loss could be the only clinical sign, three targeted mutations cover 50% of the mutation frequency of the gene. For maternally inherited hearing loss, this panel includes sequencing for mtDNA 12sRNA and tRNAser, the most common mitochondria mutations associated with nonsyndromic hearing loss. The physician also has the option to test individual genes by checking the boxes on the requisition form or selecting individuals tests under "single gene tests." The entire panel includes PCR detection of a Connexin 30 deletion, sequencing of three exons for Connexin 26, 3 exons for a targeted mutation screen, and sequencing of two mitochondria genes.